About the Book

FRANCHISE; Trusting God first…Then yourself
is a white-knuckle thriller
about Daniel, who is forced to trust God’s protection unconditionally, while
standing alone against professional assassins. A terrified Daniel watches in
awe as the Lord and His angels spiritually guide and protect him through many
sinister circumstances.

“This is a smart, easy to read novel with a solid plot, great characters and suspenseful…the plotting was excellent and the two main characters come off the pages as very likable and real. The information on franchise ownership was concise and easy to follow along as well as the information on the stock market and that is not easy to understand, but Coleman did it!”

Kim Tuomi Reviews


Follow the adventures of a young man destined to be an aristocrat as he flees the safety of the world he knows in order to fight for the rights of the common people in this historically inspired novel.


When American computer executive Peter Barrett’s multi-million dollar business deal backfires, his life is turned upside down as he unwittingly becomes the most hunted man in the United States.

About the Author

Seth Coleman graduated San Jose State University with a
degree in Public Relations and Journalism and spent his career in marketing. He
consulted with well over 1,500 business owners, many with nationally-recognized
franchises, and spoken at both national and regional conventions and seminars.

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