Coleman’s characters are vivid and believable…Coleman creates people who are realistic and quirky…Well Drawn locations and intriguing characters keep this thriller enjoyable.

-Kirkus Reviews

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When American computer executive Peter Barrett’s multi-million-dollar business deal backfires, his life is turned upside down as he becomes the most hunted man in the United States. He is accused of embezzling money from his father-in-law’s firm to be used by terrorists intending to fire missiles at South Florida and major cities on the East Coast. With the help of an old friend, he manages to outsmart the FBI, the CIA, the local police in California and Florida, and the entire government of Fidel Castro as he tries to smuggle himself into and then out of Cuba . . . but not without a lot of close calls. From an upper-class businessman to a wanted criminal and eventually to a modern-day hero the American public is rooting for, Peter must risk everything to prove his innocence and get his life back.

Critical Transfer is an exhilarating new thriller about a man attempting to accomplish the impossible while facing incredible odds. An adrenaline-charged pace combined with gripping suspense make this exciting novel a must-read for fiction fans around the world. By expertly traversing topics of love, devotion, revenge, and terrorism, this enthralling story by Seth Coleman will captivate readers from the opening page and won’t let go until the final words have been read.

With Cuba as an antagonist, Critical Transfer crafts a truly unique story with the use of an enemy that is dangerously close to home. An integrated blend of action, adventure, and suspense, this compelling novel will fascinate readers from all backgrounds and keep readers leaping from one chapter to the next.

Donzi ZR 38, Peter's audacious ride to and from Cuba

This was almost the cover for Critical Transfer Designed by artist: Mary Jean Cirrito

No, I don't own one...but I can dream can't I?

Peter admired the boat and then realized why. It was a Donzi

Seats designed for rough waters and a hull that took the enormous pounding of the storm

Not likely you would be tossed out of this seat!

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A Few Amazon Reviews

Great book!

5.0 rating
5 months ago

Enjoyed this book with its unique plot and characters.

S Davis


5.0 rating
9 years ago

I just finish reading Critical Transfer and want to thank Seth Coleman for this wonderful book. It kept me in suspense, and I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end. An excellent writer. Thank you again.

Rose Marie Bill

Brilliantly written!

5.0 rating
9 years ago

Critical Transfer kept me in suspense the whole time! It is very fast paced and entertaining. The storyline seemed so real that I felt like I was right in the midst of all the action. I like how the author gets you involved right from the beginning of the book. I feel it was brilliantly written!

Mari Lee Tomlinson

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5.0 rating
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loved it

5.0 rating
9 years ago

This was a great book, fast paced from chapter one, couldn’t put it down. My first time with this author and will definitely read more. Lots of twists and turns. Loved it.



5.0 rating
9 years ago

riviting account of an intriguing storyline. I truly enjoyed reading this thiller. Seth Colmeman is a perfoundly wonderful. I Loved Critical Transfer!!

Jackie (Atlantic City)

Great Book! from start to finish

5.0 rating
9 years ago

This book kept me so involved I could not put it down. Full of suspense has you rooting for Peter all the way through book. Hope to see more of books like this from Author. I have recommended it to all my friends.
Barbara S.

Barbara e. Sherman

Exciting Book

5.0 rating
9 years ago

I loved the opening scene, Peter Barrett and the twists and turns that kept me from putting it down till I finished. I wish there was more. Seth Coleman is an excellent writer!

joan e

Critical Transfer

5.0 rating
9 years ago

This book is a great book. Every time I put it down I could not resist picking it back up. I am usually a slow reader, but I finished this book pretty quickly. I found it hard to put down as I just could not wait to find out what happens next. Great read from an interesting author. I highly suggest this book to be read


Critical Transfer Review

5.0 rating
10 years ago

I read this book in a short time and found it very interesting and fun reading. It’s not the kind of book that you think a lot about while reading it, it just keeps going until it ends, like a movie. The characters were very well developed so that they acted in character all the time, and the writing technique was very easy to follow and the dialogue always clear.I liked this book and will recommend it to my friends, and already have.

Sis H.

Lots of excitement!

5.0 rating
10 years ago

My husband and I really enjoyed Critical Transfer! Lots of excitement and the boat scenes were very engaging. Peter is such a good character that you want everything to go his way!

Mary jean Cirrito

pure excitment

5.0 rating
10 years ago

An exciting story that was very hard to put down. It will keep any reader on the edge of their seat for the duration.

robert la barbera

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