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Critical Transfer (Thriller) 

Consistent action and intrigue make up this all American story. Peter Barrett is Vice President of one of the nation’s largest computer companies. His multi-million dollar business deal backfires when he trusts one of the top men in the CIA. Overnight his life is turned upside down. Not only is he accused of stealing money from his company, but is labeled a traitor by the news media. Unknown to him, the money ends up in Cuba where it is to be used by terrorists to purchase missiles. Their intended destination….. major cities in the Eastern United States.

With all the evidence pointing to his guilt, Peter has only one option and that is to prove his innocence. He escapes the local police and FBI by almost killing his boss, who is also his father in law, then embarks on the biggest adventure of his life. With the help of an old friend he manages to outsmart the FBI, CIA, the local police in California and Florida as well as the Cuban authorities. Join Peter as he is smuggled into Cuba and then tries to force their minister of finance to turn over a code that will transfer seventy million dollars back into his corporate account….but can he do it?

Watch as Peter is transformed from a businessman into a wanted criminal and then into a modern day hero. Critical Transfer is fast moving, action packed and moral.

In the eyes of almost everyone, Peter went from being a prosperous businessman to a thief, a traitor and a terrorist. Coleman’s characters are vivid and believable….. Coleman creates people who are realistic and quirky… Well Drawn locations and intriguing characters keep this thriller enjoyable.

– Kirkus Reviews

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